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Infection control and prevention

Infection control and prevention practices aim to reduce the risk of infections in healthcare settings.

Sion Medical Ltd. is specialized in producing a wide range of sterile and non-sterile products in disposal forms such as: sachets, pre-filled syringes and tubes.
The main benefit of using disposal single-use products is minimizing the risk of infections when using products intended for the surgical field. In addition, one of the main product groups of Sion is disinfection products such as Povidone-Iodine and Alcohol in a variety of configurations.

Lubricating Jelly

Skin Cleansing & Disinfection

Sterile Lubricant Jelly

Non-Sterile Lubricant Jelly

CerviLube TM Sterile

CerviLubeTM Non-Sterile

Povidone Iodine

Sterile Alcohol

Non-Sterile Alcohol

Sting Free

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