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Medical Supply

Sion offers a broad portfolio of medical and surgical products, such as: personal protective equipment, bandages, pressure bandages, absorbent pads, as well as surgical packs and sets customized to your needs. Our range also comprises sterile covers for operation room equipment used in clinics and hospitals, such as our patented Universal Light Handle Cover, C-Arm, C-Bow and Microscope covers.

Medical Devices (Covers)

General Hospital Supply

Universal Light handle covers

Microscope Covers

Available in Israel & EU

C-ARM Covers

Available in Israel & EU

C-Bow Covers

Available in Israel & EU

Ultrasound/cable covers

Available in Israel & EU

Nissoft Towels

Baby Blankets

Plaster Of Paris

Available only in Israel

Lemon Glycerin Swabsticks

Available in the USA & EU


Packs, Sets & Kits

Bandages, Pads & Absorbent Dressing

PPE’s- Personal Protective Equipment


Sets & Packs for various uses (or various applications)

Class 1 is registered in Europe and Israel, Class 1 + 2a are registered in Israel only

- Operation Room

- Intensive Care Units

- Cardiovascular & Catheterization

Gauze & Non-Woven Pads

Absorbent Pads

Gauze & Non-Woven Balls

Cotton Balls

Masks :

- Surgical

Available only in Israel

- N95/ FFP2

Available only in Israel

- 3 Ply

Available only in Israel

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